Maritime Defense Seating

Safer. Stronger. Smarter

 Maritime Defense Seating

Safer. Stronger. Smarter

 Maritime Defense Seating

Safer. Stronger. Smarter

Purpose built Jockey seats for Military and Defense personnel.


Passenger Protection

ShockPod flexes in 3 dimensions for whiplash and port-starboard impact protection.

Lower Forces

Laboratory tested and proven to reduce shock more effectively than European brands. (click for report).

Upgrade-able Anytime

A modular design for efficient upgrades and servicing. Need to add a 360 swivel? This can be done in under 5 minutes by one person. 

Operational Effectiveness

Specialized Energy Absorbing Foam (EAF) means crew will be comfortable longer, giving better attention and focus.

Crash tested

Crash tested to HSC (High Speed Craft) Annex 10. This is the current International code of safety.

Safety Options

316 Stainless steel lap belts and rear grab handles give the passenger more stability and security.


Built For The Sea

Built with 316 marine stainless steel and technical plastics only, for maximum corrosion resistance.

Stretch Fit Neoprene

100% waterproof upholstery does not hold any water. The seat can be dried by hand and used immediately.

Life tested

ShockPod is life tested to 1 Million 10G impacts (approximately 30 years of use at 500 hours per year).

5 Years and Counting

Shark Jockey seats use the ShockPod, built from technical plastics. No failures or injuries reported for 6 years and counting.

Heavy Occupant Safety

Passengers up to 130kg/286lb can use the standard self adjusting ShockPod. For heavier occupants the ShockPod is fitted with a specialized shock absorber.

3 Year Global Warranty

Backed by a 3 year global manufacturers warranty.



The complete Jockey system is as little as 16kg. This is important for fuel economy and acceleration.

Lower Cost

Using smart manufacturing processes and technical plastics means a better seat, at a better price.

Repairable & Maintainable

Designed for in situe maintenance by one person. Shock absorber can be swapped by one person in under 3 minutes.

Ultra-small Footprint

Seats at less than 12 inches wide give the crew more space on board to work effectively.


Increase operational effectiveness with options such as swivel units, sliders, height variable plinths, lap belts, and hand holds.

Anti-reflective Finishes

Optional Anti Reflective finishes (AR) for covert operations minimize the risk of detection. 

“Brilliant is all I can say. 40 knots head on and we were all comfortable. Even went full throttle at 48 knots with no problems. Usually we are doing 30 and really hurting.”

Allan Turia

Turangi Coastguard.